Pews Emptying

It happens sometimes that I read one of my letters in a publication, agree with it, and discover I’m the author. (I admit my countless letters are one reason I haven’t blogged faithfully.)

It just happened again. I came upon a letter I submitted to National Catholic Reporter in December. It applauded an article about “churchless nones.” They are identified as non-affiliated with any religion in surveys of religious participation by the Pew Research Center. The article that drew my comment accepted “nones” as often being spiritual without being religious.
. . . If you’re looking for a place to comfortably park your soul, coming out as spiritual offers benefits.
But it wondered what the “nones” believe. I wrote,
What do they believe? It matters not what God-images draw them to the Inner Realm. But what’s better than the images given by the spiritual master Jesus? The inner Reign is like yeast, like a seed, like buried treasure, like a pearl (Matthew 13). I vastly prefer these images to the father-son gods created by the religion that claims to represent Jesus of Nazareth. 
I believe Catholic pews are emptying because the gods imposed by stale Mass language are no more credible among educated persons than pagan gods. We need a hierarchy that spreads teachings of the spiritual master Jesus instead of regulating liturgies to promote a god and male supremacy.


Anonymous said…
Though I place no labels on myself, I suppose many would consider me a "none". What do I believe? You could call my philosophy "What Is". I believe in what is, which, by the way, includes what isn't. Think about that. I've heard a description of God as "I am what am". To restate, I believe in "what am" and "what am not". They're the same thing. Or as the Grateful Dead once put it, "I don't trust in nothin', but I know it turn out right". Too simplistic for all you deep thinkers? Perhaps. Perhaps not.
Unknown said…
Before the passionate, loving Jesus the Christ was practiced, the Catholic and Protestant Churches would have to empty their coffers, open their libraries, be "down" with the people, stop being political except for Truth and Justice, ....... and except for a very few.... that just isn't going to happen. And their are other reasons, Jesus' words were for Jews, not the gentiles. So, all other religious practices would have to be left alone. That isn't going to happen either.
Karen Tate said…
I think pews are emptying for lots of reasons. The Christian brand is dying as more see the shallow and hypocritical everywhere, or the prosperity gospels, a linchpin to prop up capitalism that's run amok and killing us. Only the very scared or the most easily led remain, comfortable as part of the herd, or those who want to have dominion over everything that provides people individualism, liberation, joy or free thinking. Can't get Joel Osteen out of my head during the hurricane, not opening his mega church, making excuses, but all I saw was a rich man not wanting to get his carpet dirtied by the poor. I wish Jesus could come back and send them all to hell.

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