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Post-Christian spirituality

Emerging Christianity, a movement disillusioned with the institutional church, contains diverse strands about which I won’t bother here. I suppose I belong to the movement with my God Is Not 3 Guys in the Sky and my blog, but I didn’t hear about it until after my book was published. And I go way beyond Emerging Christianity as these Excerpts show. Readers who poke around in my blog ( Click on titles in my index ) will find themes resembling those of Emerging Christianity— • freedom from hierarchical control, • respect, dignity, and equal authority for women, • valuing people more than institutions. With Emerging Christians I share respect and affection for our tradition, but I’m not comfortable with their exclusively Christian focus. It’s too narrow, too much a rehashing of the same old same old. I emphasize these break-away ideas: • focus on Jesus as way-shower rather than idol to be worshiped, • admit openly that our way of describing the Source we call God is not definitive, • res

The power of consciousness

Physical reality is an effect of consciousness, not the cause of consciousness. . . . Objective reality is a product of inner reality. . . . an extension of our mind. We are meant to look at the objective conditions we are creating and use it as feedback on the state of our inner world. (Sondra Lewis) At this time in my life I consider it my assignment to prod people past the strictures of a particular religion to a larger spiritual vision, one that includes all religions and more. Sondra’s information about the power of consciousness can help us to do that. These are thoughts I jotted down after her talk at my house, the subject—Our Thoughts Shape our Lives. She wrote qualifiers to my statements (bolded here): ** Energy=Matter=Consciousness—3 forms of the same thing. ** Consciousness is primary—all we see is the result of Consciousness. ** If we don't guide our thoughts intentionally, we create a reality we don't want by default. Not exac