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Not owned by Christians

This story from friend and fellow writer Marilyn introduces my theme. She and her husband drove to Little Falls where she had an interview. After that, on a whim, they decided to drive to the Franciscan Convent. The receptionist told us no one was available to do a tour, that we should walk around by ourselves. We got to the end of a corridor and a nun stepped out of an office. Harold noticed her name . . . related to a friend of Harold's. . . . after a few exchanges, she offered to give us a tour, very extensive; just all over the place where many never get. We had a great time with her. When we left her, I said we should stop at the gift shop. I thought I should buy a little something. I found a very nice little wooden box with a verse in it that I liked. I took it up to the counter and the nun there told me Sister Loretta made it; that it's the only thing in the shop she makes and sells there. Sister Loretta was the nun that had given us the tour. I immediately w