Scientists Teilhard and Bohm 

Scientists experiment on physical reality or what can be seen all around us, what our external senses can feel or touch. From the first moment I encountered quantum mechanics in the 1990s, I thrilled to it as the key to joining spiritual reality with physical reality, mind with matter, internal with external. 

Subsequently, I found many authors who corroborated my spiritual interpretation of quantum mechanics, but no physicist . . . until I discovered David Bohm. 

Physicist David Bohm, whose scientific credentials are unimpeachable, wrote a textbook called, Quantum Theory, which was widely used to inform physics students. Einstein praised its clarity, and it remains a classic on quantum theory.

Most significant for me, Bohm found scientific evidence of a hidden order in what appears to be simply chaos or random chance. He called it the “implicate order.” Most of science deals with "explicate order," and some scientists even deny the existence of anything but physical or outer reality.

For me “implicate order" is what I call the "inner realm," an overarching theme in God Is Not Three Guys in the Sky and my memoir, Beyond Parochial Faith: A Catholic Confesses.

From his work on quantum mechanics, Bohm’s thinking evolved to include philosophical inquiry, marrying scientific rigor with spiritual philosophy. Krishnamurti and the Dalai Lama entered into dialogues with him, leading to groups around the world to form Bohmian dialogues.

The work of David Bohm augments the message and vision of the first scientist I read who combined science with spirituality—Teilhard de Chardin. In my memoir Beyond Parochial Faith, I show how Teilhard influenced my mental, emotional, and spiritual life, often without my being aware of his influence. But I see it in retrospect.

I encourage readers to research the thought of David Bohm. His implicate order echoes Teilhard’s within. Both hint at that presence in all things—the inner realm—that a poet interviewed by Krista Tippett described as “our gorgeous interior.”


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