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Gaza. Shame on us.

It has been years since I’ve written about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Criticizing the Church is easy compared with addressing American ignorance about Palestine, where a people subjected to genocide in the past has become the main aggressor.   US power perpetuates the horror. It raises such feelings of anger and rage in me....... what it must feel like to Palestinians! Pointing out wrongs in the Church is easy compared with addressing wrongs in government. When I write about religion I feel the long, slow but inexorable movement of evolution righting the wrongs, and I’m moving with its weight.   The situation in Palestine feels hopeless because the world’s superpower, our country, is on the wrong side. (I add this caveat—Secretary of State John Kerry seems genuinely trying to be fair. Other US politicians in the past have tried—another long story.) I’m biased in favor of the underdog, the Palestinians, whom I see as comparable to native Americans in this country—depri

Jesus a man & myth

In 2009 I wrote a series of posts I called “Man vs. Myth.”   Here “man” does NOT refer to humanity but to Jesus, a man who was turned into a myth. In this post I clarify my disagreements with conventional Christian belief about Jesus.   It may spur you to examine your own belief. Look for all the Man vs. Myth posts in my index, right, under Historical Jesus. They produced some debate, as you can see.