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Hillary and Donald

Relief from Trump          October 9, 2016 Donald Trump’s vile words are no surprise. They unmask him as a sexual predator, but his predatory business dealings, also made public, should get equal attention. The predator turned presidential candidate disturbs me less than continued support given him. I can get trapped into arguing against an irrational partisan who backs Trump, but it doesn’t help me or her or anyone else. We all need to get away from the garbage. To cleanse our minds, I offer the words of Parker Palmer in my next post. Hillary and Donald            September 30, 2016 I’m watching the campaign with fear that the United States might actually sink into the morass of Donald Trump as president. I confess my obsession with this. It’s hard to think about much else. Marilyn wants me to tie my subjects of discussion to religion and spirituality. Very well. I observe my obsession as a personal challenge in spiritual maturation. I have to deal with it, and w

Where have you been?

Marilyn from Phoenix called me. “Jeanette, where have you been? Start blogging again!” She informed me that it’s been six weeks since my last post and told me to begin again. She seemed sincerely bereft so I offered, “You can read the posts in my blog index.” “I’ve read every one of them.” “I am impressed." But I didn't believe her. There are too many. "You couldn’t have!” “I read every one of them, some of them several times.” As proof, she told me when I started the blog—2007. I was speechless. “They’re interesting, wonderful, illuminating, just wonderful. Why aren’t you writing more?” After some stuttering, I listed the things that keep me busy. “Each post is an essay. It takes me a long time to write those, and I have so many other things to do.” Often a post I intend to dash off quickly turns into lengthy labor. I reminded her that I’m working on a memoir. She asked me whether I was thinking of not doing any more blogging.  I confessed that I w