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Hysterical & thought-provoking

This video made me laugh so hard that my body ached.  Besides laughs, it conveys the absurdity of  literal religious belief. I hasten to add that the humor comes at the expense of a religious sister.  She does not portray nuns accurately.  Take it from me. I am acquainted with many, many sisters.  They're not preachy.  But enjoy the fun for the point about literal religious beliefs.

The Power of Thought

The memoir I'm working on contains some of these ideas. My Spiritual Atheist Friend,    July 27, 2017 I’m coming off a satisfying discussion with a thoughtful atheist friend I’ll call Ben. We’ve known each other for about 30 years but hadn’t seen each other since he moved to take a position far away. We kept communicating. Finally he returned to central Minnesota to visit me and others. What draws us together? We both are in thrall to metaphysical questions. I do not know a person with more integrity than my atheist friend Ben; I don’t know anyone more principled. I also like him because he and I agree on everything except the biggest questions of existence. We agree on politics and on much about religion. The morning before our talk, I submitted a letter to  National Catholic Reporter  in response to a trial Eucharistic Prayer that its author says reflects “the quantum-cosmological-developmental-evolutionary worldview” of today. Its topic was a fitting introduction t