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Illicit but valid

It sounds like an oxymoron. Catholic officials used it to deny facts. Vern is a musician for Catholic womenpriest Masses whose enthusiastic support of women’s ordination led to this email exchange. It followed a forum after Mass with our Mary Magdalene, First Apostle community. We chatted about the phrase, “sacramentally valid but illicit.” And I think I remember you mentioning that the phrase was not said by any "authority" of the "regular" Roman Catholic Church. You went further to say the regular authority will not even discuss it. 'Sacramentally valid but illicit" applies to women priests. Church hierarchy admits that women priests who say Mass, baptize, officiate at marriages and the like, make it really happen (it’s valid) but they're not allowed to do so (it's illicit). There also are ordained male priests not authorized to act as priests. One example is a friend of mine, an immigrant from India who is a married priest.  He a