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Auntie Theresa

Tina’s tribute to her unforgettable aunt. My Auntie Theresa was like my second mom. She lived in the same block her whole life in Mahnomen, the youngest of ten, my dad s youngest sister—so French and Indian was the history I heard about Gramma’s, where Aunty Theresa lived until she married and moved next door.  When there were over-the top-quarrels at home, we always felt safe at Gram and Theresa's. She’s done so many favors for me throughout my lifetime. She knew me so well…   and I knew and understood her too.. She was always true to herself. I just can’t explain how one person could be so consistently good, and true... never sweetie sweet. Just truly kind and just... and smart and could bring people up with just one of her sassy remarks....   Like when we would be playing cards—poker usually—and if she’d  dropped out & I was wondering what to do next, she would look into my hand and say,  "You‘ve  got business!” with all her muster. I had instant