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Church hypocrisy

POLITICAL  HIERARCHY, August 21, 2019 Religion and politics are intertwined. Religion is not the same as spirituality, particularly if we’re talking about institutional religion. The political structure of the Catholic Church works against spiritual goals that should be the main concerns of religion—kindness, fairness, and compassion. Instead, Catholic hierarchy wants to tell people what to believe and what to do. It wants to judge what’s good and what’s sinful. Pope Francis’ dislike of judging sins and his focus on loving kindness do not sit well with Catholic conservatives, who flourished under Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI. They have veered further right since then. I believe Benedict resigned because he realized he could not fix financial and sexual corruption rampant in Church hierarchy. Pope Frances was voted in to reform it, but he receives steady pressure from right-wingers. The extreme right is led by Cardinal Raymond Burke, who claims to know the “authenti