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Mary Magdalene authored the 4th G.

When I first heard the idea that Mary Magdalene authored the Fourth Gospel, I dismissed it as a half-baked feminist idea. As a feminist I could believe it possible, but too radical, too unorthodox, for sufficient credible evidence to be found. I was wrong. I no longer doubt that Magdalene was the original author of this unique Gospel, because of an article by Ramon Jusino. Notice it is a man’s name. And he bases his assertions on the work of Raymond Brown, acknowledged as the foremost authority on the 4 th Gospel, although Brown did not assign authorship to anyone. Here I give the crux of Jusino’s clear and cogent argument. For the full presentation of his case plus citations, read Mary Magdalene: Author of the Fourth Gospel?    Jusino cites facts virtually undisputed by scripture scholars, some of them strengthened by Brown: [Mary Magdalene] is cited by all four Gospels as being present at both the Crucifixion of Jesus and the Empty Tomb on the morning of the Resurrectio