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Carl Jung coined the term “synchronicity” to express a concept he observed. It came to his attention through a patient’s case. They were at an impasse in her treatment because she was rationalistic to an exaggerated degree. Rationalists or positivists are people who credit only the facts that can be tested in a laboratory. They scoff at any inner, deeper, hidden, secret meaning behind events, which I’m always looking for. The hidden rationalism in Jung’s patient was holding her back from accepting messages from her unconscious, which often speaks to us in dreams. One night she dreamed about a golden scarab and told Jung about it the next day. During her psychotherapy session with Jung, an insect hit against Jung's cabinet window. He caught it and discovered that it was a golden scarab, very rare for that climate. This surprising event finally broke through her skepticism about the existence of the inner realm.   A positivist would insist that the rare insect hitting Jung