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Einstein’s idea of “God”

I found another one, another scientist who disavows scientific materialism. Amir Aczel counters the New Atheist movement in his book, Why Science Does Not Disprove God . Interviewed on MPR, he mentioned Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss, who claim science disproves the existence of God. A review of his book states that Aczel accuses new atheists of “staining the scientific enterprise by bending it to their dark mission.” On MPR he addressed the question, “What existed before the Big Bang?” Materialists would answer, “Nothing.” Aczel’s answer: “Not nothing.” Kraus, he said, explains that the universe came into being because empty space is unstable and always produces matter—no creator necessary. But Aczel pointed out that space also was created at the Big Bang—first recognized in Einstein’s special theory of relativity—and “empty” space is not empty. It is pulsating with energy, as our most advanced science is discovering. Not being a scientist, I cannot explain antimatte

Quantum Enigma

February 27 The "quantum theory proves immaterial reality argument" is just another god-of-the gaps argument. The dual nature of subatomic particles differently expressed as waves or particles is a material phenomenon either way. In either expression they interact with the material world in statistically predictable ways based on how we choose to view them.             Perhaps one day physical science (string theory?) will explain this too as it has with all those other mysteries of the material world previously attributed to spirits.   Will, Sauk Rapids This is the standard response by materialists to material evidence of spiritual reality ( See previous posts ). When science cannot explain phenomena appearing in the physical world, we believers say, “Ahah!—an indication of spiritual reality.” And deniers of spiritual reality say, “Science hasn’t explained it YET, but we expect it will in the future.” To me the scientific evidence from quantum mechanics is in