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Michele Bachmann vs Bishop Spong

God calls us to fall on our faces and our knees and cry out to Him and confess our sins. I don't know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We've had an earthquake; we've had a hurricane. He said, “Are you going to start listening to me here?” Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann's god reflects the reified idol promoted by typical Christian God-talk. He thinks and speaks like the dominant males so admired in the paradigm we are in the process of escaping. Retired Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong articulates the paradigm to which we are shifting. Joyfully I listened to him on MPR’s Midmorning cogently support the messages in my book and blog. Samples: Science versus the literal “Sunday school version” of faith; Bible passages contradicting each other and contradicting Christian doctrine (for instance, the idea that Jesus is God); Atheism (a-theism means not believing God is an external being; it does not necessarily mean disbelief in God); God

1% vs 99% in church & state

Wealth inequality finally has entered the political debate, thanks to the Occupy movement. In politics and economics, the issue is unequal money and power. In religion the issue is power, not money. In both church and state, the few at the top look out for themselves while failing to realize that they need everyone else. This is the reason things are falling apart in both spheres. Science and spirituality agree that every aspect of reality is interdependent with everything else, no exceptions. On the physical plane, quantum physics shows interdependence between physical objects and human minds in wave/particle experiments. A scientist/observer setting up an experiment on an atom decides which it will be—a wave or a particle. The physical reality observed cannot be separated from human consciousness; it is not objective but united in a web of relations with the mind of the observer. Quantum non-locality further supports the principle of interdependence by showing that one part of a sp