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Hope is not naïve I am going to quote myself, that is, my op-ed in the  St.Cloud Times  on the last Sunday of September. It again proclaims hope, continuing the theme in my recent blog posts: Never before have so many white Americans noted the unfairness to Hispanic immigrants who work outside, while smoke and record temperatures keep more fortunate people inside. Never before such awareness of racial injustice, of income inequality, of all suffering, fellow human beings. Bruce Lipton says, “The chaos we’re in is a necessary stage in human evolution.” I believe this. Hope is necessary and it is realistic, not naïve. Now that President Trump is in the Walter Reed Medical Center being treated for the coronavirus, have we reached the apex of our country's chaotic year? We can't know what will happen, but it tells me more insistently that we can trust unseen forces to sort order out of the chaos that, to many, seems to be engulfing us. It will not bury us. St