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Virgin Birth, Incarnation

This December 2009 piece I had re-posted on Christmas 2015 but  lost it while w restling with technical difficulties. They are preventing further posts.  I hope soon to get this problem fixed. Godfrey Diekmann, OSB,   exploded with this statement in the students’ dining hall at St. John’s. It’s not the Resurrection, dammit! It’s the Incarnation! An editorial in  National Catholic Reporter  reminded me of this story in  The Monk’s Tale , a biography of Diekmann by Kathleen Hughes. When I was at the School of Theology, she came onto the Collegeville campus to gather stories for her book about our colorful and inspirational professor, Godfrey, as he was known by students and fellow professors. The first-name basis at SOT is one of my fond memories of those years, and I’m proud to have my own memories of Godfrey Diekmann, who played an important role in contemporary Church history. Godfrey passionately preached the implications of the Mystical Body—that we share divinity. This is th