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Don't mess with nuns

May 9, 2014 Cardinal Gerhard Müller: Since Barbara Marx Hubbard addressed the Assembly on this topic two years ago, every issue of your newsletter has discussed Conscious Evolution in some way. . . . futuristic ideas advanced by the proponents of Conscious Evolution are not actually new. The Gnostic tradition is filled with similar affirmations . . . Müller questioned if their programs were promoting heresy . LCWR states in reply: We do not recognize ourselves in the doctrinal assessment of the conference . . .  We experienced . . . genuine interaction and mutual respect. . . . LCWR was saddened to learn that impressions of the organization in the past decades have become institutionalized in the Vatican . . . LCWR builds on Pope John Paul II.   Long fascinated by science, he had the Vatican begin a process that would eventually lead to a statement in 1992 admitting church officials had erred in condemning Galileo. . . . …. The Leadership Conference of Women Rel

Pagan Easter 2

Life includes death The opposite of life is not death, the opposite of death is rebirth. Life has no opposite. Carl Moschkau To continue Carl’s meditation, death is part of life, and we experience little deaths every day—losses, failures, and disappointments that can spur us to be transformed. Life is a series of changes and each change is a little death and resurrection. Christians and other non-materialists have confidence that the final death of the body we presently inhabit does not mean the end of us. It is a rebirth, the beginning of a new life. Eleusinian Mysteries Before the life of Christ modeled the dying and rising motif central to every human life, the myths of non-Christian religions played it out. For close to two thousand years the most revered religious rites among Greeks and, for some centuries the Romans, were the Eleusinian Mysteries, which commemorated events in the lives of Demeter and Persephone. This divine Mother and Daughter pair prefigured the Father and Son d