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Virginia Woolf & Tulsa Massacre Response to Virginia Woolf & Tulsa Massacre, August 13, 2020 Readers of "Virginia Woolf & Tulsa Massacre" ( below ) joined me in admitting ignorance about the massacre—white Americans killing 300 African Americans. Samples: Carol: After all my years of studying history (elementary, secondary, undergrad and grad levels) I have to admit that I was woefully ignorant of the treatment of blacks . . . If we who have had what we thought was a “solid” education have such blank spaces in our knowledge, I am not surprised that many Americans are ignorant of the terrible things done to people of color. Lois Thielen: The fact is, so much history is buried or not accurate or biased.  Think back to our school history books.  They were basically propaganda. I try to do better in my own writing of history. Poet Larry Schug: Thanks, Jeanette.  It amazes me to learn of the history we were not taught. . . . We writers have a special obliga