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Dismantling Male Domination

Women, Blacks, & Violence, April 9, 2019 Time  magazine has a great article by Henry Louis Gates,  America's Second Sin,  and starting this evening, PBS presents the series,  Reconstruction: America after The Civil War.  In article and television broadcast, Gates informs us with amazing facts about Reconstruction that were unknown to me until recently. Also, I'm convinced after 16 years of supervising student teachers, unknown to high school teachers of American history. I don't blame the teachers; I blame our still-racist society. Reconstruction raised African Americans from slavery to dignified positions in society. They became voters, educators, and legislators. Then, the federal government gave in to Southern states and they rolled back the gains of people freed by the 14th and 15th Amendments. One tiny fact. In 1898, 130,000 black men were registered to vote in Louisiana. By 1904, only 6 years later, the number had dwindled to 1,342. Whenever I hear or read s