Whither are we headed?

As a writer about religions and spirituality, I have tried to avoid writing about politics, but right now I cannot get politics out of my mind. And when events become as momentous as those occurring today, politics merge with spirituality. A man whose foremost talent is selling himself, who aspires less to lead the country than to glorify himself, was elevated to the most influential political office in the world. As an American facing the world, I am embarrassed.

I admit I rejoice that Trump’s approval rating is tanking. Maybe, I hope, maybe, maybe his supporters are beginning to discern the truth …………. At this point in my writing I started guessing which developments since the election might have opened the eyes of formerly deluded voters, but that’s a futile exercise. The signs pointing to Trump’s true character were quite evident before the election.

As I go through my days, I console myself and fellow mourners with the astonishing image of the rising sun. A mentor/friend of mine, a psychic, saw this image twice, before the election and after. The sun was higher AFTER the election! Its promise appears to be coming true; I observe an awakening following the shocking election.

Around the country people are mobilizing to resist expected assaults on the human rights of groups targeted by campaign vitriol. Blacks, immigrants, Muslims, women, and gays are vowing to stand up for themselves. Churches are organizing to be sanctuaries for the despised and the rejected. Environmentalists are determined to defend progress made during the Obama years. Journalists are correcting Trump’s falsehoods. President Obama says he will continue to participate in politics “where I think our core values may be at stake,”
Scott Simon on NPR pleads for "a revival of respect," adding it must be acknowledged that one candidate is most responsible for the loss of respect in our public discourse, "and he won."

The country shows a new spirit of involvement. People are saying, “It’s up to us.” They realize we cannot expect politicians to set things right without citizen involvement.

We don’t have to run for office or write letters to be involved. I believe that staying informed and caring deeply contributes to a healthy political consciousness that will manifest in ways we cannot predict. We exercise spiritual responsibility by thinking well.


Chris said…
Hi Jeanette,

Explain to me how marching in the street to defend the "right" to kill unborn children in the womb represents "spiritual" values?
The heart of true spirtuality is discipline: to master the self and open oneself to the Divne. Your God, the false God of leftism, not only is indifferent to such things, it actually caters to and exalts the fallen self, the empirical ego. It says, " You are God, didn't you know." Your form of "spirituality" accents Divine immanence at the expense of Divine transcendence. It says that everybody and everything is equal because we are all Divine. All is one; good and evil are illusory, in fact, all differences are illusory. This represents the denial of the hierarchical nature of reality and ultimately of the One Who Is.
No one marches in the street for the right to kill babies. People march for the right to preserve the lives of mothers.

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