Francis on women & Cuba

I sent this article alert to friends:
Best comment I've ever read about Francis & women!
When it comes to women, Francis has 5 strikes but he's not out.
Poet John Chuchman emailed in response,
Two outs bottom of ninth 
I expect it’ll go into additional innings.
Tom Reese’s analysis recalls all the embarrassing missteps of the pope in his statements about women—his naïve acceptance of past perceptions. If you’ve been following the issue, you’ll find them here. They were red flags for me.  
Reese explains them in the same way I did but more knowledgeably. I had intuitive glimmerings; he gives the evidence.

To Chris (see comments in older posts) I repeat: Read more of my writing to learn what I really say about the divinity of Jesus and all creation.

Pope opens Cuba to U.S.   December 18, 2014

I give you stories of interest to Catholics, and maybe others because of Pope Francis’ popularity as well as the popularity of religious sisters.

The big story: Pope Francis was instrumental in reconciling Cuba and the U.S.  It was Francis who broke down Raul Castro and persuaded him to stop assigning enemy status to the U.S.

And there’s NCR’s take on the deal with Cuba.

And HERE  you can read how religious sisters respond to release of the Vatican’s report on its investigation of women religious. 

Two more.  Joan Chittister's take on the Vatican's report.

 And S. Sandra Schneiders, always spilling out wisdom, goes deeper. She notes differences in style between the threatening announcement of the investigation and the recent appreciative report praising the sisters’ work.




Chris said…
Hi Jeanette,

I took your advice and I just read through a big clip of your prior posts. My last comment still stands- you have basically re-defined Christianity, largely on very questionable "scholarship" and have, in effect, re-interpreted the Incarnation in avataric nondual terms.

IF we were to accept this re-invention of Christianity, then it would be a DIFFERENT tradition! Your project is not dissimilar to a Ron Hubbard who basically invented a "religion" from scratch. The only thing that your version of Christianity has in common with the existing 2000 year old historical Christianity is some a kind of veneration of Jesus.

If suddenly every Christian followed your lead, Christianity would cease to be Christianity. What it would "look like", who knows? But I think it is enormously presumptuous to think it would be better than a Tradition that has organically evolved over millennia, and has the inherited social/cultural/spiritual capital of millions of human lives over thousands of years. Just saying.

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