Calm down

When thoughts spin out of control, there's relief in turning to the inner observer, the Self inside that's removed from the outer world and quiets us down if only we allow it room in our lives. This Self is easily available in the middle of the night when I wake up, as I often do, but only if I've established the habit of going to it during the day.

I hope every reader establishes a schedule of spending quiet time with this wiser Self. How and when you spend the time is up to you. A mantra doesn't work for me. I've tried dozens of formulas for quieting my thoughts and always come back to realizing that I have my own way of doing it. For me it's usually reading—not just anything for escape but inspirational words—and I continue to read until something leaps out, grabs me and tugs me into the quiet zone.

Every individual has to find her own way—some in exercise, some in church, some in music, some in transcendental meditation, some in traditional prayer—but find it we must to successfully manage the ordinary and extraordinary problems every path encounters.

The wiser Self will guide us in decisions and even relatively unimportant choices, like where to buy the milk. It’s always there nudging us but we have to pay attention. We have to keep the line open so its guidance can get through to the busy ego dealing with each day’s chaos.

The less time we have, the more critical is our need to spare time for quiet time.


Kathleen said…
Thank you, Jeanette, for keeping us informed. There is strength in numbers and the hierarchy is outnumbered by those who are no longer following those who supposedly lead.

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