Insult to other faiths

This is Patrick, Jeanette's son. I am posting this comment per her request.

One of the interesting comments that came in during my illness was by M. Stromer. His interpretation of my Good Friday post was distorted but I won't bother to say what I meant and what I didn't mean in the matter of the Clinton and Obama debate.

Instead, I'll take this opportunity to reinforce Stromer's theme, which also runs through everything I write about religion. It is that we Christians insult people of other faiths by placing the Christian frame on them. The great theologian Karl Rahner did this with his reference to "anonymous Christians." A Buddhist appropriately asked him how he'd like to be called an "anonymous Buddhist."

I hope M. Stromer carefully reads my chapter in God is Not Three Guys in the Sky on the inner Christ to see my inclusive identification of Christ with the Self, with Atman, and with other non-Christian terms. I can't say more about it here.

I expect my readers have opinions about the Pope's visit to the U.S. As I'm unable to say much now, I ask readers to please send in their comments regarding this.

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