Solstice thoughts

One of my repeated themes in God Is Not Three Guys in the Sky is playing out in my family.

The winter solstice in a mysterious way directs us toward spiritual awareness. My oldest sister died yesterday. She and her husband were the godparents of my niece who is pregnant with child expected on Christmas Day. This is the Paschal Mystery—death giving birth to new life.

I wish readers a blessed and reflective winter solstice, whatever the feast and tradition you associate with it. In connection with my tradition, I invite you to reread Christmas Commercialized on this page.

A Your Turn column of mine in the St. Cloud Times may interest you as well: “Romney wrong about religion, freedom: U.S. should embrace secular spirituality.”


Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear of your loss.

(I do like the title of your blog.)
Jeanette said…
Thank you.
The baby expected on Christmas Day died in utero and more deaths of relatives occurred. To say more could intrude on private feelings.

I will add that, for me, the death of Benazir Bhutto parallels another significant assassination, that of Yitzhak Rabin a few days after my mother's death in 1995. I will always remember when these world-shaking assassinations occurred, because they're associated with the deaths of my mom and sister, who was another mom to me.

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