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Most readers of God Is Not Three Guys in the Sky whom I hear from agree exuberantly with my content. I have heard from only two readers who disagreed, but the book must be disturbing for those who have never questioned the exclusive claims of Christianity—made in the past.

What the vast body of Christians doesn’t know is that many deeply spiritual, well-educated Christians have abandoned those claims. The Christian right dominates the air waves at this time, but response to my book tells me a new spirit is afoot. Thoughtful individuals embrace the shrinking globe and welcome diverse beliefs. This can’t be done without relinquishing the simple assumptions pervading the faith of our childhood.
I promise I will get back to the subject of prayer.


theoguy said…
Sorry, but this post cannot go without comment. You are insinuating that devoted Christians who disagree with you must have never questioned the claims of Christianity; and if they did, then they would have abandoned Christianity. It's like you are saying that because they don't question, they don't think. Frankly, this is borderline insulting. There are many, many, many Christians who do think, and specifically, who think about Christianity. (Naturally, Christians will tend to think more about Christianity than non-Christians.) We need only to think of C.S. Lewis, who was an atheist and later became a Christian, and who became a brilliant apologist. He did think and did come up with answers for people who had questions about Christianity.

Christians know very well that there are well-educated individuals who have abandoned Christian claims, even though they may still be spiritual. We call them people who have "lost the faith." Meanwhile, you don't seem to realize that there are many who once agreed with or at least considered your views (about abandoning Christian claims), but discovered flaws in those views, and ended up going back to being true Christians.

The idea that the Christian right dominates the air waves is absurd. The media is obviously more secular than Christian.

Your last sentence seems to insinuate that traditional Christianity is for children. Huh? Surely you know there are well-educated, mature adults who are Christians.

Your post clearly reveals your ignorance about many things.
Jeanette said…
It’s best to just let this be, as counter arguments are pointless. Again I urge readers to consult recent scholarship, and I repeat a paragraph in my welcome post:

In Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet says, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,/ Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” This is a two-edged challenge. It invites believers to rethink their dogmas, and it challenges people without faith to rethink their certainty that everything religious is bunk.

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