Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New kind of power

LCWR models a new kind of leadership while  Catholic sisters' shift toward equality and contemplation as the marks of leaders—“wholearchical” rather than “hierarchical.” Dominican Sister Mary Hughes noted that her congregation had dropped the term “superior.” Those who disagree are not the enemy.

We will listen, we will be respectful and, in the end, we will teach them. 

Womenpriests also model a kind of authority that contrasts with the patriarchal governance of the official Catholic Church, as illustrated on this page of our website for Mary Magdalene First Apostle, titled New Kind of Power. Samples of the shift:

Control and domination         Stewardship and dialogue
Compete                                 Cooperate
Suppress feelings                   Value feelings
Exercise power over others    Exercise power with others
Authority from above             Authority from all

Autocratic power is fading as societies gravitate toward more democratic ideas, a welcome result of women’s ascending influence.

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