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Catholic atheist

From a reader: How can you be a Catholic and an atheist simultaneously?  Help! Thanks for asking.   I am an atheist but not a materialist. Atheists reject gods. Materialists reject God. To put it more kindly, they don’t believe there’s any non-physical reality, in that way denying the existence of what’s called “God.” I relate intimately with the Inner Realm and culturally I am Catholic. But I do not receive nourishment from religion devoted to a god or set of gods—Lord, Father, HeHimHis. I reject that kind of theism—hence, I am a Catholic atheist.
I can't get through a day without relating to my Inner Beloved. At the end of most days I reflect on the activities of the day. Not rarely I realize that what I accomplished that day veered from my morning plans, which needed revision. An inner force directed me to the right work, which I had not known when the day began. I love it when I fall into an unpleasant job I’ve been putting off, putting off. Suddenly there I am, getting it done. A…