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Goddess of Light

I remember when I first learned that Eastern spirituality regards sex as sacred. It shocked me. I think it was Carl Jung who first informed me, and then I saw photos of figures in Eastern temples illustrating the fact. In my childhood prudery ruled, enforced by relatives who lived close to our home on the farm. They attended Mass every morning and this clinched a tight relationship between religion and excessive modesty.
Goddess religions resembled Eastern religions in their attitude toward sex, as this guest post shows. Our society’s pornographic treatment of sex desecrates the body and cheapens sex; it in no way resembles the respectful celebration of sex in pre-Christian religions.
[Excerpts fromGoddess Calling:  Inspirational Messages and Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy by Rev. Karen Tate]
Welcome friends! If you are familiar with Goddess or earth-based spirituality, you are familiar with the meaning of Winter Solstice and the returning of the light. Our northern …

We Are Divine