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Proof of Heaven


Many responders email me to continue the conversation. I ask Chris to contact me at godisnot3guys and also click around in my blog index to learn what mistaken assumptions he has about my beliefs. Better yet, I recommend God Is Not Three Guys in the Sky: Cherishing Christianity without Its Exclusive Claims.
I received an email objecting to my “labeling” atheists as dogmatic: The vast majority of us have a scientific worldview in which "truth" is always tentative and subject to revision based on new evidence. I do not suggest that ALL atheists are dogmatic. The writer seems open to revising his materialist view “based on new evidence.” I hope this series provides such evidence, but in my experience fervent materialism is dogmatic in the same way that Christian fundamentalism is dogmatic. I would guess there are more of the latter than the former, but who knows. In any case, even some atheists label some fellow atheists as fundamentalist or dogmatic. What matters is…