Thursday, September 18, 2014

M. Magdalene wrote the 4th Gospel 2

In the 6 plus years I have been blogging, no topic has generated as much enthusiastic feedback as Jusino’s thesis about Mary Magdalene. (My concise summary HERE)
All of the responses endorse his conclusion.
Thanks to John Chuchman of Michigan and Arizona for igniting much of this discussion, which opened new territory. Here are samples.
More than "possible." Indeed quite probable!

This is Beautiful.   I've heard this before and believe it.  Right now there is an ex-Jesuit (something like 30+ years) who was pushed out for his revolutionary behavior of nonviolently standing for issues.  His name is John Dear.  I've known that he, along with Jesus, is working for the Goddess face of Source.  It is all very inspiring and gives me new hope.
Brenda M. Asterino

So what else is new?  Of course, Mary Magdalene could have written the 4th Gospel. Easy for me to believe.
Marilyn Brinkman
Yes, of course possible but “proving” it was another matter. The perfection of Jusino’s argument excites me. By the end of the article we're convinced that not attributing the Gospel to Mary Magdalene is unreasonable. For people used to church talk and scripture analysis this is a breakthrough, very new.
I read that information a few years ago and found it more believable than much of what I've read about her over the years, including what is in our bible.  You know that she was a most prominent disciple because they named her a prostitute, the worst they could think of.  

In the Old Testament you read that when they came across idols they destroyed them.  However, if they found a figure of a feminine deity they destroyed it, shattered it, crushed it.  They were so threatened!
Maxine Moe Rasmussen

I’ve been familiar with the Jusino paper for a while, and it makes sense to me. I would give it better than 50-50 odds to be essentially correct. The key point is that the BD is the only significant person in the NT who is not named.
Charles J. McMahon, Jr.
Professor emeritus, Science and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania

Interesting and very plausible.  Ray Brown at least gave it some consideration.
Gene Beniek
I believe if Raymond Brown could see this article he would concur with Jusino.  The tide toward acceptance of the feminine is turning. I admit I also didn't credit her enough until I started following up on some materials coming my way.

The concept of Mary Magdalene being the Beloved Disciple is not that far of a stretch for me. However, Dan Brown's movie (Da Vinci Code) did not/does not help with pushing serious biblical studies forward.  

The 4th Gospel is so very different in style and in describing the Last Supper that I have no problem in believing that it was written by a woman.  And the Letters of John and the addresses of "my little children" to the people, could also have been written by a woman (Mary Magdalene or even Mary, Jesus' mother).    
Charlene Ozanick
The future of our species may well depend on achieving left/right masculine/feminine balance. . . . Our species has been far too left brain, masculine dominant.
I have long thought She was His wife, lover, confidant.
John Chuchman
I have suspected the same.  Maybe common law wife?  The Nazarene was more counter-cultural than Christianity imagines him.
It has been my idea for quite some time that MM was much more than an apostle. And the one to carry on when Jesus left – in teaching and leading His disciples.
Mary Marrucci
Paul was the one who carried on but he gave us the myth of Jesus on the cross saving the world. This myth took off and consoled many who needed it but its persistence in the face of science frustrates me.
Have you considered the idea that the "mission" was at the least a joint mission and possibly mainly hers but, due to the times, Jesus had to take it on?
So YES. I do believe that she wrote it.
Carol ORourke
Reflecting further about "mission,” we today also have a mission, which we help to carry out with this exchange on the feminine aspect of the Good News given humanity two thousand years ago.