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Lincoln's Death Dream

Lincoln's Death Dream  April 15
Abraham Lincoln died 150 years ago today.
Larry Dossey, prominent physician, best-selling author, and lecturer in places like the Mayo Clinic and Harvard, has written several books about the power of consciousness. I quote him in God Is Not Three Guys in the Sky,where I argue that Jesus’ miracles really happened.
Dossey tells the story of Lincoln’s death dream, which is well-known, but I had not read the entire account as told by Lincoln’s law partner. The rest of this post is from Larry Dossey’s Be Careful What You Pray For…: You Just Might Get It.
One of the most celebrated examples of the precognition of death took place in the life of Abraham Lincoln. Shortly after he was nominated for the presidency, Lincoln began having frightening dreams in which he saw himself dead. He revealed them to his wife and his most intimate friends. Ward Lamon, his former law partner who subsequently served as marshal of the District of Columbia during Lincoln’s ad…