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Sophia & Jesus mixed

Sophia & Jesus mixed, January 23
Many scripture scholars have noted parallels between the Jesus portrayed in the Fourth Gospel and Sophia in the Books of Wisdom, Proverbs, Baruch, and Sirach.  “Sophia” in Greek means wisdom and is grammatically feminine.

So much do the two figures—male and female—resemble each other that verses about them are interchangeable, as the following list demonstrates. I challenge readers to discern of each line whether it refers to the Divine Feminine in Wisdom Literature or the Divine Masculine in the Fourth Gospel. Translations are from the NAB and the Inclusive Bible. I changed words that gave away the gender.
Decide whether the original line was talking about Sophia or Jesus. Answers—next week.
. . . was present to God from the beginning.
. . . comes from God; . . .  dwells with God forever.
I came that they might have life.
The one who finds me finds life.
All who hold H__  fast will live, and those who forsake H__ will die.
H__ whom you have sent, . …

Tax injustice

Guns DO kill

I get a little hot when I hear, "Guns don't kill; people kill," so I wrote about it. My opinion piece published today gives evidence to show that the presence of firearms alone spurs gun violence.  We live in a uniquely gun-loving culture and bear the consequences of living in the most armed nation in the world. Eugene Beniek's comment to my editorial explains the reason for Americans' lack of common sense about guns—they’re flooded by propaganda from the National Rifle Association.Beniek quotes The Nation: And though the NRA has been roundly mocked for its public relations effort this week, officials are watching what is sure to be a flood of new cash.

Here’s why: For every gun or package of ammunition sold at participating stores, a dollar is donated to the NRA. The NRA’s corporate fundraising division has several special retail partnerships called “Add-A-Buck,” “NRA Round-Up,” and “Shooting for the Future.” In some cases, these deals allow for customers to co…

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