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The Bible on gays & women

Women ordained in St. Cloud

Below are women in our ordination liturgy on June 23 in St. Cloud, MN. Most are ordained priests. Bishop Regina Nicolosi is third from the left in back.

Women ordained clean up sexist God-talk, July 3, 2013

In response to my St. Cloud Times article saying that the male-only God image—God as “He”—contributes to systemic and casual acceptance of women as subordinate and submissive, a reader wrote, “He is a father, not a mother.” This is clear evidence of the harm done by sexist God-talk.
If the confused letter-writer would inquire of Church officials, she would learn that God is no more male than female. After insisting that God is male, not female, she continued, “If men would study the strong, gentle character of God’s masculinity, it would help in their love and respect for women.” She completely missed the point of my writing but inadvertently demonstrated it—sexist God-talk makes it impossible for people to imagine the Divine Feminine. God-He without the leavening of God-She does …