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Staying sane during crisis

I stay sane by focusing on hopeful things happening, not on the bad news that is creating a rise in anxiety and panic attacks. If we take the long view, we can see evidence of human flourishing. Dawson Church, PhD, a researcher and science writer,lays it out. His writing in Unity magazine shows that, as a species, we are becoming more compassionate. Hard to believe? Here are some of his words.In 1800, child labor was not controversial. In the coal mines of Britain, 8-year-olds pushed heavy tubs inside underground tunnels. Sweating and breathing black coal dust, they emerged from the pits black with grime. they died young.Then we changed our minds, and in just a few decades, child labor was banned. We're in the process of changing our minds about the legalization of drugs. About doctor-assisted suicide. About the death penalty. About gay marriage. About gun control, About racism. About universal health care . . . each of these historical changes involved people becoming more compas…