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Preview of My Memoir

I am waiting for my publisher to release my memoir, Beyond Parochial Faith: A Catholic Confesses. With this book on my mind, I’m postponing my promised reflection on how Mary Magdalene’s influence can be detected in the unique Fourth Gospel.
The first chapter of Beyond Parochial Faith describes what my life was like living in the unique German-Catholic culture of Stearns County, Minnesota. One of my endorsers says I bring you into the strange world of my puritanical childhood. True.
But here’s a more cheerful look. Asking for input on rural schools in Stearns County, I received this lovely description by Bernadette Weber, OSB. I posted it here two years ago.
Attending District 125 Public Country School was a rich experience. Being among 50 students in 8 grades with one teacher helped us be creative in using our time. When in the lower and middle grades, I would listen to the interesting classes of the upper grades. We had wardrobes to keep our coats etc. (one for the boys and one fo…

JFK & Mary Magdalene

John F. Kennedy won the Pulitzer Prize for Profiles in Courage. The book deserved the honor but not the purported author. Kennedy did conceive the idea and some of the content, but he did none of the research or writing. Most of that was done by Theodore Sorenson, whom Kennedy called his “research assistant.” Sorenson is the one who gave the book its “drama and flow,” according to historian Herbert Parmet. Ted Sorenson was essentially the ghostwriter of Profiles in Courage

I see a parallel in the gospel I call the “Fourth Gospel” instead of the “Gospel of John.” Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John do not really name authors of the gospels. Each of these gospel names, for various reasons, developed while the gospels were being passed around. They became convenient tags for identifying and discussing the gospels, but they are not the authors’ names.

“John” was thought to be the only real name of the Fourth Gospel, because John is named at the beginning, in Jn 1: 6. But the intriguing charac…