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Women's Peacemaking Ignored

I’m profoundly moved by women’s struggles for justice around the world.

Editors and writers of a women’s magazine at the Vaticanquit the magazine in protest. Its founder, Lucetta Scaraffia, sent an open letter to Pope Francis explaining their action. Woman Church World, the Vatican’s only publication run by women, has been published monthly by L’Osservatore Romano since 2012.

The new editor, explained Scaraffia, tried to control the magazine’s content by selecting women for the staff who would follow the line dictated by men. Pressure on the current staff increased when they reported that nuns had been sexually abused and were being economically exploited by priests.

PBS just concluded an outstanding series—Women, War, & Peace. The unbelievable courage and persistence of women struggling for peace against men determined to make war and ignore women brought tears to my eyes. The 4-part series documents neglected stories of heroic struggles by women in Northern Ireland, Palestine, E…

My next book soon

Beyond Parochial Faith: A Catholic Confesses is on the way. Emails tell me I haven't written about it enough. I learned that not all my readers know another book of mine is on the way. Beyond Parochial Faith is a memoir telling, not only about outer events in my life, but my inner evolution—how my faith evolved beyond my very-Catholic upbringing on a Stearns County farm.

My story includes a grandmother heading off lecherous men, my midlife meltdown, the historical Jesus and the Goddess, both clueless and astute seminarians, helpful and astute Benedictines, atheists, Teilhard de Chardin, and Carl Jung,

I define faith as trust in spiritual power. With this I join everyone else who accepts something other than outer things we can see, feel, hear, smell, or taste. A few people I know and more whose writings I read don't believe anything else exists. Called scientific materialists, they deny the existence of any spiritual reality.

Scientific materialists are created by religious pr…