Reader response

E.  thanked me for the previous post, An old story, and said she appreciates my last statement:
While l press for women’s ordination, I’m not anxious about it, because time is on the side of the women. 
The longer the official CC delays, the less relevance it will have in real life.  Its institutional structure will crumble.
            That sustains me and gives me hope!   Peace.

I replied,
I'm pleased, surprised, and also not surprised that a professed religious can think this way.  It tells me I'm right when I tell people they'd be surprised by how much their most progressive views are also represented among religious sisters.

Oh Jeanette, There are quite a few of us who believe that the institutional CC needs a lot of reform…and openness.
Given that religious communities have also had their share of decadence, reform and ongoing need for reform, we tend to be patient … at least outwardly.
But we do pray … and sometimes act … for a more gospel-like CC.

I knew many of you wanted reform of the institution, but my statement that the structure will crumble implies a lot more. 
I hesitated there when I was writing it because I hope the Vatican will in future be nothing more than a center for disseminating information about Catholic Christian activities around the globe—no hierarchical structure at all. 

Now that’s a thought … Letting the church be indigenous to each country, nation, culture.
Sounds like a great idea! Giving the church back to the people.
Of course, I won’t see it … but it still sounds good … less hierarchy, less regimentation, less $$$ oversight …
It is something to hope and pray and talk about.

What a great response to my idea of a Vatican clearinghouse instead of a Vatican overlord!


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