Friday, July 20, 2018

The Good of Trump

I'm gratified by the scene in America today. Sounds like a Trump-fan, huh? How can Clancy be saying this?

I'm serious. What's going on in our country gives me hope. Never before have so many Americans defended Blacks, Muslims, and immigrants. Never before so many men nurturing children and doing housework. Never before so many women and people of color entering politics. Never before so much concern about unequal wealth and power, disgust with Big Money, awareness of discrimination in our criminal justice system, and concern for victims.

At the same time, macho toughness seems to be rising not only in our country but around the world. Victor Orban in Hungary and Morawiecki in Poland turn away immigrants, Putin persecutes opponents in Russia and kills them elsewhere, Duterte slaughters citizens in the Philippines, Xi Jinping tortures political opponents in China, el-Sissi in Egypt and Erdogan in Turkey jail dissidents, Kim Jong Un tortures citizens and executes rivals in North Korea.

Trump expresses admiration for these strongmen, he calls them friends, but American citizens are repulsed by strongman brutality and cruelty. As they come into stark relief, they engender reverse impulses. People are waking up to the ugliness of making enemies of people who are different from us and disagree with us.

The story of Americans insisting that immigrant children must not be torn from their parents shows the rise of compassion and understanding of otherness. Stuff going on in our country and elsewhere pains me, but it forces awareness and I believe this ultimately leads to good. When we hit bottom, the only way to go is up.

July 22
As I read about the administration's dirty, less well-known policies that persecute refugees, workers, consumers, and marginalized of all kinds, it becomes a challenge to keep my chin up. Seeing things from a long-range perspective helps.

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I agree Jean. I've said from the beginning, with the Trump presidency, the GOP would over-reach and more people would see their cruelty and hypocrisy. They are not for family values, nor are they patriots. Trump is the GOP on steroids. He's ignorant, selfish, racist. All the rest. We've been watching the news unfold. And it will be all this ugliness coming to light that will get people off the couch. It will make people search their hearts and minds and see who they really are. I have to think more Americans are good than are not. We see so many going the route of socialism as they see this predator and disaster capitalism doesn't work and is destroying the planet and the people on it. We will either rise up and fight and win or our Founding Fathers will roll over in their graves that the U.S. was destroyed from within by greed, hate and ignorance.