Sunday, September 14, 2008

Reign of God in our midst

A few people—surprisingly very few—accuse me of abandoning my Christian faith because I no longer accept the “one, true church” claim. If that’s the case, I am joined by many Catholic leaders.

Father Ed Hays, interviewed for Sacred Journey (August/September 2008), said, “A core belief is different from a dogmatic belief, such as a faith in the divinity of Christ. . . . When your core belief is that you and God are intimately united as one, the implications are astonishing. For the God with whom you are united is a religionless God, a God of no religion, yet the God of all religions.”

Ed Hays is a Catholic priest, but not an ordinary one. He made a prayer pilgrimage around the world, including India and Tibet, and says we should all aspire to mysticism. Ah, that’s it.
Invariably I find that religious leaders who have touched the mystic deep know that no religion can define It. Religious stories imagine that deep Source and its activity in our ordinary world, and their images truly inspire us but they can’t spell out this spiritual reality with literal clarity. These stories are myths, which is not to say they are foolish fiction.

Fr. Ed Hays again: “Jesus came to the realization that he and God had an intimate unity” and encouraged his followers to “seek the same cherished oneness with God that he experienced.” This, in different words, expresses my belief that Jesus was united with the mystic deep that inspires all the world’s mystics. Thus, he preached the Reign of God in our midst, unfortunately translated “Kingdom” and understood as an external thing we earn by being good.

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Irving said...

Wow, wise words indeed, and a beautiful perspective :)

Peace and Blessings!